Rebecca Argoe(non-registered)
I was having trouble getting an online order to process. I submitted a help request and got a quick response. The next day, I got an email with a picture of my house door with a bag attached; she had personally delivered my photo! Truly amazing customer service.
Samantha Jones(non-registered)
She did my wedding pictures and she is a blessing from god. I love u aunt laura and thank you again for being a blessing from god.
Anne Knox Hodges(non-registered)
Laura is a very special person and photographer and her work embodies her love for all people, her generosity and her creativity. Her unique style of beautiful photography sets her apart which results in a product that is so authentic, yet original. Her natural ability to work with all people and their individual needs and desires with flexibility, combined with her raw talent makes her a valued and trusted photographer and friend!
Tammy Hancock(non-registered)
Laura has taken pictures of my family for years. She always knows how to make everyone feel comfortable. I love her creativity. She does not follow the typical cookie cutter photos. I love her for that! I love all my pictures she has done over the past 10 years. PS, I need a new family portrait soon.
Clint Hancock(non-registered)
My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Laura from the very beginning of her career. From day one she put more thought and care into what our family or our company needed than we had ever had. Laura is more creative than most and she is able to make that special talent transfer into the images she captures for people all over middle Georgia. Laura has taking photos for my company that have been used 3 different times for the cover of trade publications. One of Laura's most special photographs are displayed in a large portrait over our bedroom fireplace where it will always be enjoyed by my wife and I. Laura is not only a trusted and admired photographer, she and her family are true friends.
Georgia Raiford(non-registered)
A few years ago, Laura offered her unique studio as a place for local photographers of all levels to display seasonal photos. Each season, new photos were displayed and entered into a contest. This was the first time in our county that such an opportunity was given. Laura's studio became the county art gallery, and the venture was quite successful
Dorothy Taylor(non-registered)
Laura and her family are a part of our family, as well! She has a great love of all things beautiful and captures those images with her lens. She is so fortunate to have made her love of photography into a successful business. Need some creative photos? Go to McNeely Garden Studios!
Cherry Bowen(non-registered)
Laura is a wonderful photographer and friend. She has been the photographer for the Washington County Recreation Department for several years now and has always been dependable and easy to work with. She is quite patient with the children and the parents, and is willing to go that extra mile to make sure everyone is satisfied with their order (or their money back). She is a very hard worker and does an excellent job locally making sure that everyone has event pictures to run in the local paper. You always see Laura personally at local events, even more so that our local newspaper personnel. She is a true blessing to her community. I was lucky enough to have her photograph my birthday party a few years ago, and all the pictures turned out great! If you hire Laura for an event, you will definitely be pleased. She is one of a kind!
April Dickerson(non-registered)
I worked for Mrs. Laura and I believe that she is not only an amazing photographer, but she is also a wonderful friend. She loves what she does and it shows through every photograph she takes. She makes sure that when you receive your photographs, you are receiving the highest quality product.
Richard Jackson(non-registered)
I had Laura do a photo section with me and my bike, it was a 2006 Harley Davidson Firefighter Special Edition. The photos turned out great, she even made me look good in the photos. I am really glad I had her do this because Fathers Day I totaled the bike and will never be able to replace it. But I will always have the memories of it on my office wall.
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